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Chickens – In the City

One of the highlights for people when they come over to our home is that we have chickens. Many people don’t believe that chickens are legal in the City of Chicago. Yes, they are legal in Chicago, but are not … Continue reading

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Fertility. The Foundation of Life.

One of the big challenges for anyone growing food is the long-term productivity of the growing area. Each time a vegetable is pulled from the ground, it contains some nutrients that now are no longer there. And if nutrients are … Continue reading

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Our Messed-Up Food System: Antibiotic in Meats

When I recently attended a panel related to healthy school lunches (which you may or may not care about), I heard some alarming information about antibiotics in meat production (which I think you definitely will care about).  What I learned … Continue reading

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Homemade Maple Syrup – Updated

We have one maple tree in our back yard. It’s a big one, but it is still only one. But when I went to the maple syrup festival last year and saw how easy it is to make maple syrup, … Continue reading

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