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The Joys of Hang Drying Clothes

Dryers are a modern convenience that only a small fraction of the world has access to. We have a dryer; we are lucky. And we use it for drying our daughter clothes, our sheets and towels and my wife still … Continue reading

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I hate driving. Well, hate is probably too a strong word. So, maybe it is not hate. But I certainly seem to have my biggest negative visceral reactions when I think about driving. Ugh. So, I drive as little as possible and … Continue reading

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Distributed Renewable Energy – Efficiency (1 of ?)

There are many schools of thought around renewable energy. I am not an expert, but I am giving it a try to do my part. Whether or not this matters in the broader scheme of challenges, only time will tell. … Continue reading

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WindTronics Wind Turbine by Honeywell

[UPDATED ON 5/18/2012] I have been speaking with the President of WindTronics over the past few days and they are working on a solution. He admit it has taken a while and he was apologetic for it, which I appreciate. We have … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Investments

We are trying to make better choices about our investments. We don’t believe in the business models of most of the public companies and we wanted to invest in American Made Renewable Energy, so we invested in three wind farms … Continue reading

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