Our Urban Garden Experiment

Templeton Urban Garden

One of our greatest undertakings has been to grow an urban garden in our backyard.  We are equal partners in the challenge.  However, the vision was truly my husbands.  Back when we started looking for homes, he insisted on having a house on the south side of the street, so we could have enough sun for a garden.  And anyone who knows my husband knows that his visions are never small, never half-way, never dabbling.  Sure enough, we found the perfect spot and have been slowly making progress on our quest to become gardeners and grow much of our own food.  

Well, after many hours of building raised beds, submitting soil samples, reviewing seed books, getting compost delivered, consulting with our garden expert (check out her blog here), planting, watering, praying for rain, scaring away bunnies, pruning, etc., we finally have a beautiful, bountiful, flourishing garden.

Please, enjoy pictures below and stay tuned for more updates as we delve into the world of truly local foods.

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