Renewable Energy Investments

We are trying to make better choices about our investments. We don’t believe in the business models of most of the public companies and we wanted to invest in American Made Renewable Energy, so we invested in three wind farms through Juhl Wind, who owns and operates all or part of the wind farms. The sooner we get off carbon based energy the better.


Construction of the 1.5 MW Winona wind farm project (the “Winona Project”) in Winona County, Minnesota, was completed in the third quarter of 2011.  On December 7, 2011, the Company announced the official commercial operation date of the Winona Project on December 7, 2011.  The Winona Project is one of the first sites in North America to utilize two Unison, direct-drive wind turbine generators, a leading technology based on an advanced, gearless system.  The Winona Project was developed and constructed by Juhl Energy.


The Valley View wind farm project is a 10MW wind farm located in Murray County, Minnesota for the prosecution (the “Valley View Project”).

The construction of the Valley View Project is complete and fully commissioned. The project is owned in conjunction with local farmers who currently have a 1% interest in the project.  Upon repayment of the bank debt and payment of a required return to the investors, the project will be owned 70% by the local farmers and 30% by the investors (including Juhl).


Woodstock Hills operates a 10.2 megawatt wind-powered electric generating facility near Woodstock, MN. It was placed in service as an operating wind farm on May 1, 1999.  It utilizes 17 Vestas V-44 turbines and sells the wind power to Xcel Energy under the terms of a long-term power purchase agreement. The Woodstock Hills wind farm is credited with producing Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s).

Link to the Google Maps this map comes from.

About CTemp

I am an entrepreneur now turned aspiring eco-entrepreneur. I have always had a green tint to myself, recycling and trying not to be wasteful. With the birth of my oldest daughter, I started to wonder what the world would be like when she got older. As I started to educate myself about what is happening to the basic systems we depend on for life and that we have evolved over the past 100,000 years to survive as a species, I became very concerned about the standard of living my kids would have if we continued on this trajectory. The more I became educated, the more I realized the size of the challenge in front of us and the more drawn I became into trying to figure out a way I could help our planet move in a sustainable direction. I think about resilience (local, durable, equatable, distributed, sustainable,...) as the guiding framework for a better future.
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